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  • 13th

    New Brand Launch – Inovit Alloy Wheels

    Posted in: Alloy Wheels
    Inovit Alloy Wheels Banner

    We are proud to offer a new brand on our website, Inovit Alloy wheels. Inovit have an excellent range of high quality alloys, suitable for a wide range of vehicles. Inovit pride themselves on their skills in innovation, striving to keep one step ahead of the competition with designs and technology right at the forefront of the industry. Inovit have state of […]

  • 02nd

    UK Braced For Snow As Cold Blast Hits

    Posted in: Alloys by Price
    Winter Tyres Act Now

    Temperatures across the UK will plunge by the weekend as icy winds from the Arctic bring a chance of snow. By Friday, average temperatures in England and Wales are expected to drop to just above freezing, with strong winds forecast for some coastal areas. You can avoid this with Winter Tyres. Only winter tyres are designed to excel in colder temperatures […]

  • 09th

    Winter Tyres – Don’t get left out in the cold

    Posted in: Winter Tyres

    Winter Tyres Introduction   Winter 2013 is set to be very cold and wet. That’s why it’s important that you are driving on the correct tyre for this season. Here we will try and help you understand all about winter tyres and their huge benefits, at this time of year.   Grip & Traction   Your tyres are the only part […]

  • 27th

    Wheelbase recommends alloy wheel & tyre packages

    Posted in: Alloy Wheels

    Are you considering purchasing a set of alloy wheels? Upgrade to a “Wheel and Tyre Package” and save yourself a fortune. When you purchase a set of wheels and tyres from Wheelbase, your tyres will be professionally fitted, balanced and inflated on your new wheels, saving you a lot of money in fitting costs Our Alloy Wheel and Tyre packages are […]